Hello reader and welcome to Icetravellers.

I hope you will enjoy our travel blog while we travel around the world, having fun and sharing our moments.

We will be sharing our story with writing blog and sharing photos to the site and to Snapchat and Instagram.

Now it’s almost time to say goodbye for now, we have sold and given away almost all our possesses, few personal items to storage and backpack full of stuff we need to travel.
Our first leg is to travel to Asia to Australia and we have a plan till January where we will be in New Zealand, what adventures will come after that, we have to see.

Travel plans will be posted later so stay tuned as we will be leaving Iceland the 3rd of August 2019 and head to London for a few days then onto Dubai where the first leg of our adventure really begins.

Time to finish up all loose ends here like emptying the house and put stuff into storage.

Happy to share our adventure and we hope you like it.


The Icetravellers.