We arrived in India 13th of August and our driver greeted us and escorted us to his vehicle to take us to the hotel in Delhi.
Oh my, what is the driver doing?
He’s honking at everyone, drives between lanes and is all over the street, still so calm… but we shortly

Poor looking houses and dirty road

noticed, everybody else is doing it too. This is considered normal traffic in India.
In India people honk whenever they feel like, when they are happy, annoyed or just because they want to. Every car and motorbike are all over the place but everything worked out fine and we made it in one piece at our hotel in Delhi.
On our way to the hotel we were stunned because of all the people everywhere, and not only people, also dogs, donkies, horses, camels and cows.. maybe more, maybe I forgot.
We arrived to a busy, dirty street, people everywhere of course, and pulled over by our hotel.
The hotel wasn’t much, it was dirty, small rooms, everything smelled funny and the breakfast wasn’t good at all.
The next day we took a tour around the city with our driver and ended in a “mall” which made everything, of course with quality, from t-shirts from all the major brands at low prices to jewellery, then we headed back to the hotel for some dinner and sleep.
Next day we headed to the pink city of Jaipur, where the marble comes from and everybody seems to make beautiful sculptures it.

Elephant riding in Amber fort

We arrived at the hotel, which was a big upgrade from Delhi. Everything was clean and the food was up to standard.
In Jaipur we got to the monkey temple and met alot of monkies, fed them and allowed them to climb our backs and shoulders, that puts a smile on anybody.
Along with the monkey temple we got a tour of the city and saw the palace where the King of Jaipur lives.
The King of Jaipur was only 19 years of old when he took over from his grandfather, but his grandfather didn’t have any boys, only girls, females are not allowed to rule by law so his grandfather adobted his grandson to make him the rightful ruler.
After alot of learning about Jaipur history and attempts to sell us hand woven silk carpets we headed back to the hotel to recharge our energy for the next city, Agra.
Another 4 hour drive between cities we arrive at our hotel in Agra, which was very nice.
Agra has one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. What a sight! It was stunning and made out of the finest marble in India.
The Taj Mahal was brilliantly built, it’s all symmetrical and the towers are built to lean away from the mausoleum to prevent it from getting damaged in case of disasters and was built to last forever.
I would recommend for everyone to go visit the Taj Mahal, it’s stunning.

MatthŪas was popular for selfies with the locals

While admiring the Taj Mahal, we got some rain, well… for us it was ALOT of rain, water forming rivers on the street and we were soaking and we were not well prepared even knowing that we were visiting during monsoon season.
Because we were soaked, we decided to stop the city tour and head back to the hotel.

We headed back to Delhi, unfortunately back to the same hotel.
This time we got a room with biting bugs… I told the staff which came and dusted the room, dusted the bugs on the floor and swept the floors, I still found bugs everywhere and demanded another room.
This was our last day in India, we liked some things and some not, I think we were mostly culture shocked and still are.
Alot of memories and experienced strange things and culture while visiting and our journey continues in the Maldives.

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