The Maldives, what a beautiful place and tuna, tuna everywhere!!

Matthías ready for snorkeling

We flew from New Delhi to the Maldives, our flight got delayed for four hours, luckily, because when we were waiting for our flight, I heard Halli‘s name being called through the speaker system. They had found something in one of our bags that wasn‘t allowed to be loaded on the plane. With an hour to spare we went to check out what it was, and Halli ran trough the airport to meet a representative from the airline and go through the bag, they found absolutely nothing in the bag that wasn´t allowed so Halli returned to us. When he came back I noticed that the computer bag that he had taken with him wasn´t in his hands anymore. I asked where it was, and with only minutes to spare he had to run trough the airport again to get the bag. After about ten minutes he came back with the bag and fortunetly the flight got delayed one more time, so we got to the flight in time, and went to the Maldives 6 hours later than we should‘ve.

Dinner at sunset by the clear blue sea

Our guide Ub greeted us with a big smile and welcomed us to the islands. We went to our guesthouse on the island hul humale, got dinner and some sleep. The next day we had a guided tour around the island, and learned that the Maldives have in total of 1200 islands, they are a muslim country and it is a key reqirement to live there. The people are easy going, calm and generally happy, we were told, 98% of the people are literate, and the educational system is good, everybody has equal rights to be educated.
The days we spent there were amazing, the sea is so blue and clear, palm trees, flowers, and people chatting and going about there buisness slowly. We really liked the slow pace everything was done at. We got see four Islands, Hulhumalé, Maafushi,Guiradhoo and Gulhi. Hulahumalé is the capitol, and we just got the city tour there, then we took a ferry ride to Guiradhoo, the ferry ride took two uncomfortble hours, but the scenery was amazing, blue seas and exotic islands everywhere.
On the Island Guiradhoo we were invited to eat dinner with a local family, we had rice, noodles, fruits and vegetables and we learned that Maldivians eat tuna all day, every day. Tuna for breakfast, lunch,afternoon tea, and dinner! We usually don´t eat tuna so this was a great oppurtunity to taste it, but it was too much for us to eat tuna in every meal.
We loved everything about this experience, we got to go snorkeling with our guide Ub, he is an experienced diver who loves to go diving and snorkeling. He was a good teacher, and showed us how to do this. We were all a bit scared about doing it, because, you know, it´s the big unknown (to us) sea, we didn´t know what to expect, but when we got in the ocean, swam around and got used to the snorkeling equipment, it was truly an AWESOME sight, we saw turtles, big fish, small fish, star fish, corals, both dead and alive, unfortunatley though most of the coral around the islands are dead because of global warming and we think that is very very sad, but that is a subject for a very different blog post.

Sweet life of relaxation

When we were leaving one of the islands, we were sitting in a speed boat enjoying our selves going to the next island, and about 15-20 minutes in, I think to my self, where are our passports? So I ask Halli do you have them? No i don´t have them, I look through my bag and I don‘t have them, OOOHHHHH NO!!!!! We forgot the passports at the guesthouse. The day before we left the island, we were going out to dinner and just to be safe, I put the passports in a drawer in the night stand. Ypu should never do that!! Not a good idea… We let Ub know, he made some calls and arranged for us to pick up the passports the day after on our way to the next excursion.
We went on a speed boat to try and find dolpins, but no luck, the weather had been a bit wet and windy the last few weeks so the Dolphins chose a better place to stay at that point, but that was totally fine, because we went snorkeling again and saw great things lika a big sea turtle grazing and many more small, big and mediun sized fish swim by, including the famous Parrot fish. The Parrot fish eats the corals and poops the grains out (and they poop ALOT), and that makes the sand on the Maldivian beaches, 98% Parrot fish poop, isn´t that amazing….
After the snorkeling we had a picnic on a „deserted“ Sandbank, that was not so deserted, plenty of tourists on the island. We didn´t mind having them around, we just enjoyed the scenery and our tuna sandwiches for lunch.
After that stay, we would like to visit the Maldives again some day, because it´s an amazing place to be.


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