Amazing sights in the Garden dome

After a relaxing stay in the Maldives, we went to Singapore. Our hotel there was a complete mess, and we got what we paid for, it was very cheap… it was dirty, moldy, smelly and the breakfast was toast, questionable butter and some kind of coconut jam, at least we think it was jam. We accepted it, because we are not there to stay at the hotel all day, so we woke up early and headed out to explore.
We found an amazing inside garden dome with thousands of flowers, trees and other plants, it was very beautiful and not too crowded. In the same area there was also a big cloud forest to explore, and it was amazing, they have the forest on 5 floors, and you could take elevators all the way up, and walk down. Every floor was different, and they had information about every plant, and the animals who normally live in a cloud forrest, I think the pictures will speak for themselves.
The day after we went to Santosa Island not knowing what was there. To our surprise it is a special island with three different theme parks, shows, beach and a inside skydiving company. We decided too walk around take look at the beach, and then walk back to see a show. The show was about two kids that find a magical bird and the fly trough time together and get into all sorts of adventures. The show was amazing, the cartoonish bird was projected on water, there were fireworks and fire, and the show was okey, the kids liked it.

Stopping to take pics on scooter tour

Our last day there we decided to rent some electric scooters to see the main sights around the river. We had good fun riding around, taking pictures, stopping frequently to look around, the trip took us about two hours. Everything went great, and we decided to pick up the pace as the renting time was running out. When we were almost at the end point, I lost control of my scooter, and fell flat to the ground, got knocked unconcious for a couple of seconds and when I woke up. I realized what had happened and it hurt lika b****, some very kind and caring people came running towards me and helped me, and walked me to a near by starbuck were I could sit down. I was not badly hurt, but enough to be in pain, I hit my forehead, and my arm. I went to a health clinic, saw a doctor, she sent me to a hospital to get my head CT scanned, luckily I escaped with a black eye and a bad sprain in my left arm. So our whole last day in Singapore was spent in a hospital……. Next up… Bali.


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